Social Media and Socializing

Because Kik operates on the iphone, it’s extremely easy to connect and share your messages with other devices and on other platforms. You can easily connect with friends by going through your Facebook, Twitter, and Email contacts, inviting them to interact with you on Kik. It’s also designed with web browser. This allows to freely browse the web or check sites like Facebook and Twitter without having to log out of the Kik app.


For example, if you search online you will find that there are many tumblr and instagram pages devoted to posting and sharing humorous kik conversations and bringing even more people in on the joke. Posts containing personal information can be altered to “blur out” the names or usernames of poster’s.

As you can see Kik has a wide variety of potential uses, from personal to professional. However, the most popular use is the one it was designed for and still most used for…socializing and making friends!!

Just like any of the numerous social media applications available in this modern time, Kik is a way to connect with other people through technology. This kind of technology is at it’s most fun, and it’s most effective, when users are connecting with new people outside their traditional social circles. For example, lot’s of instagram users post their Kik usernames front and center on their profiles so that their “audience” of like-minded individuals can get in contact with them. It’s a great way to connect with people who have similar interests or strengthening bonds with people you previously knew only through the occasional back and forth on sites like instagram or tumblr. As a matter of fact these two sites are great platforms to use in concert with kik because of the potential to combine the textual and the visual.

Kik itself has a number of handy features to facilitate the expansion of your online social circle to include more than just the folks whose usernames you know. After all, chances are, if you know them well enough to have gotten their username chances are you can talk to them anytime you want in real life. To find new kik friends you can join online discussion groups and other social circles. This is great for connecting with people who share your interests and hobbies. If you like you can simply sit in on group discussions and contribute to the conversation at your leisure. After awhile, if there’s anyone in particular who shares your views or seems like engaging conversation then send them an invite for a one-on-one conversation.


This is a really great if you’re someone with niche interests or you live somewhere that people you relate to seem a little hard to know. Who knows, through Kik, you might even get lucky and find out that there are actually people in your area who share the same interest and you never even knew it.

This is a familiar experience for me on a personal level. Many of my greatest passions are reading, writing, and film. These are deeply fulfilling activities but they are also, unfortunately, very solitary acts. Through social media it became very easy to seek out message boards, discussion groups, and social circles consisting of people who enjoyed the same types of movies or books that I did and form relationship with them. The great thing is that you can do this either online or in person. Kik boasts an online audience of around fifty million users that log on from all over the globe so there’s no telling where your next new friend might come from!